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March 2023 / Vol. 51, No.1
Featured Article

Pars Intima as Gift and Treasure: An Interview with Gil Hedley

By Lina Amy Hack, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, and Gil Hedley, PhD

Lina Amy Hack interviews anatomist Gil Hedley, PhD, about the pelvic floor. Hedley proposes a new and inclusive term for the intimate structures of the pelvic floor – the pars intima.

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Faculty Focus

Our teachers are some of the best in the Structural Integration world. Each month various faculty to step forward to share their insights on key areas of SI, movement and somatic healing.

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Fascia News

Spotlight on FR:EIA, the first full-body fascia-oriented plastination exhibit.

Body Worlds, the original exhibition that educates visitors by presenting real human bodies preserved through plastination, invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, has teamed up with the Fascia Research Society to produce FR:EIA – Fascia Revealed: Educating Interconnected Anatomy.  The July 2022 issue of Structure, Function, Integration features an interview with Body World’s Dr. Angelina Whalley.  

Enjoy the video of the 2021 unveiling video below.

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